Introducing CLS ClientConnect
Our Customer Access Web Portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of our customer access web portal. CLS ClientConnect is a powerful and secure web-based communications tool that gives you quick and easy access to real-time sample data, test results, and related information and documents for all of your projects.

Features include:

Track and Manage all of Your Projects
Access project documentation immediately upon sample log-in.
Filter project lists to view associated laboratory work orders, samples, and analyses. Site Navigation is intuitive and easy to use.
Get Real Time Status Information
Get instant access to your sample and analysis status and schedule.
Access Project Documents
COCs, reports, and invoices are always at your fingertips.
Manage access and security levels for additional project team members.
Create Flexible and Customizable Reports
Filter sample and results detail.
Download final reports, and related documents.
Easily create, save and generate user-configurable data reports.
Quickly check results against regulatory or project-specific limits in seconds.
Track Historical Data
Query historical data for any project using versatile filtering and sorting options.

Getting Started is EASY! Contact CLS LABS to set up your online account.