Sample ReceivingOur friendly and courteous staff in the Sample Receiving Department is available to assist you with your sample requirements.

Please note that California Laboratory Services will not accept samples collected by any client for analysis and results reporting without the required and correctly prepared Chain of Custody Form (COC).

Our Sample Receiving Department can dispatch field samplers and assist you with any sample submission needs or questions.

An overriding consideration for analytical testing and resulting data is the ability to demonstrate that the samples received have been obtained from the location stated and that they have reached the laboratory without alteration. To accomplish this, evidence of collection, shipment, laboratory receipt and laboratory custody, until disposal, must be documented to maintain integrity.

Documentation is done through the Chain of Custody Form (COC) that tracks and documents each sample and the individuals responsible for sample collection, shipment, and receipt.

A sample is considered in custody if it is:

  • In a person’s actual possession
  • In view after being in physical possession
  • Locked up/secured so that no tampering can occur after having been in physical custody
  • Securely stored in an area restricted to authorized personnel

Please use the Bottle Request form to begin the process of your sample exchange.