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California Laboratory Services is a privately held, full-service environmental chemistry testing laboratory, certified by the Department of Health Services. California Laboratory Services performs an extensive range of analytical services: water testing, soil and solids evaluation, soil and water sample receiving, quality control. Our lab services projects, small and large, for both the public and private sectors.

Scott J. Furnas


Scott Furnas is President of California Laboratory Services. He oversees the management of administrative staff, client services personnel, environmental chemistry lab employees, and technical production requirements and specialties specific to high quality analytical laboratory operations. Scott has achieved and maintained client base growth through his commitment to superior client services and dedication to excellence in communications and follow through, for any client project need.

Mr. Furnas’ work history has created a strong foundation on which is built a full understanding of the needs and requirements associated with environmental chemistry client services. He has worked in all levels of laboratory operations, making him exceptionally qualified to provide both clients and staff with effective management and technical experience. Mr. Furnas began his early career understanding sample collection, storage and preservation, and EPA disposal protocols. As an Organic and Inorganic Chemist, Mr. Furnas was involved in analysis of various compounds by EPA Methods and has knowledge of associated instrumentation and computer integration. Additionally, he has extensive training in hazardous waste operations.

Scott earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Sacramento and is a veteran of the United States Navy.

Mark Smith

Operations Manager

Mark Smith has over twenty-five years of laboratory, field and supervisory experience as an environmental occupational professional. He has managed emergency response facilities and site clean-up operations. Mr. Smith developed and performed training programs in Hazardous Waste Operations, and for laboratories. He has been responsible for the direct management of Health and Safety Programs and their corresponding training. He is conversant of environmental and occupational regulations, hazardous materials handling, packaging, transportation and disposal practices and all aspects of environmental sampling (soil, water, wastewater, and hazardous waste).

Mark Smith’s extensive work history provides clients with a diverse background of environmental professionalism complete in the knowledge of project, field, and operations management.

Mr. Smith’s expertise in the coordination, development and performance of client and field services includes: Training (various OSHA 1910.120 & 1910.1450); Supervision of hazardous waste and environmental compliance programs and their developments; Policy/procedure development in hazard control, assessments and training; Waste Management (packaging, labeling, shipping, profiling and storage); Facility safety assessment and hazard evaluation; Evaluation and development of Health and Safety and Right-to-Know training programs; Instrument calibration, inspection, maintenance and repair; Emergency response programs; Development of waste characterization procedures (FTIR, wet chem., etc.), and the development of field sampling protocols (soil, water and hazardous waste).

Tyler Gustafsson

Business Development Manager

Tyler Gustafsson is the Business Development Manager at California Laboratory Services. He
leverages current trends, market research and various other forms of business intelligence to
generate strategic growth for CLS. Through industry contacts, publications and trade events,
he identifies methods to expand and boost CLS’s further reach in the analytics field.

Mr. Gustafsson manages all contractual requirements for the company. He aligns CLS’s end result with the company’s internal operations and capabilities, always with an eye towards conveying the company’s mission to a wider base of clients. He is the face of California Laboratory Services and helps in promoting the corporate brand of the company out in the greater vendor/client community.

Tyler brings with him years of experience working both in the field and in the office - effectively pursuing opportunities which further enhance CLS’s ability to integrate, partner and collaborate in an impactful way across a robust market segment. He works closely with teams and project-partners to strategically plan and execute thorough and comprehensive proposals in the pursuit of dynamic projects and partnerships.

Mr. Gustafsson is a skilled communicator and negotiator with a strong grasp of current business intelligence, research and marketing strategies. He holds a B.S. in Business Management from Colorado State University and is working on his M.B.A. in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University (completion in March of 2020).

He is certified in Change Management and is a Certified Six Sigma Lean (SSLP) and Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBBP). Tyler has received awards in Applied Strategic Management, Managing Business Fundamentals in the Global Marketplace, Quantitative Analysis and Numerical Manipulation, and Ethical Decision Making and Diversity Appreciation from Colorado State University.

Kezia Ibarra

Data Room Supervisor

Kezia Ibarra is the Data Room Supervisor. She oversees all reports issued from CLS and is the last to review and insure that everything requested on the Chain of Custody has been correctly reported and any other special requirements met. She generates all data deliverables (Excel, EDF Geotracker EDF1.2i, Storets, Watertrax, Earthsoft EQUIS, CIWQS, SDWIS, HACH WIMS, etc.)

Ms. Ibarra oversees all work flow in the Data Room. She oversees the filing and archiving of all master folders and generates all invoices as well. Kezia has worked for California Laboratory Services for the past 15 years.

Shellie Furnas

Client Services

Shellie Furnas is the head of Client Services for CLS. She is in charge of customer service for the company (lab to client liaison), she coordinates subcontract analyses and is the project manager for all of CLS’s engineering clients. Shellie maintains fluid communications with CLS’s client base and responds to customer needs with promptness and efficiency. She provides great customer care from the beginning of every project to the delivery of final reports.

Mrs. Furnas was bookkeeper from 1995-1998 where she was supporting our Finance Manager while also working closely with our clients. In 1998 Mrs. Furnas was promoted to Data Room Supervisor in charge of overseeing the data reporting and invoicing aspect of our operation where she worked until 2002. After some time away, she returned as the head of Client Services from 2014 to 2019. Shellie enjoys her job very much and gets a lot of satisfaction from helping clients.

Her additional responsibilities include, preparing quotes, coordinating bottle orders and assisting with container & supplies requirements. Shellie is in touch with clients throughout the entire process, collaborating with the team to achieve the project’s objectives, and keeping the client current on the project’s status. At the end of the process, she generates all client reports.

Shellie holds a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Matt Yost

Client Services

Matt has over 10 years’ experience in customer service, building productive relationships and resolving complex issues with a positive attitude.

Mr. Yost is the first to review client projects, with an eye towards understanding the client’s perspective. He is the point of contact for any and all client concerns, always reaching out with specific questions and potential solutions.

Matt’s daily duties include welcoming new and returning clients, presenting relevant service information, providing sample management both in-house and onsite, allocating resources to satisfy precise project needs, collecting data and managing that data in a LIMS system as well as the CLS Client Connect web server.

He prides himself with a professional approach to communication, and greets every business interaction with patience and attentiveness.

Bodhi and Tuesday

Laboratory Mascots

Bodhi was born In November 2018 & Tuesday was born in August 2019. They both love hiking with their dad and enjoy all of the love they get from everyone in the lobby and in Scott’s office, so please come and say hi.

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