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California Laboratory Services is a privately held, full-service environmental chemistry testing laboratory, certified by the Department of Health Services. California Laboratory Services performs an extensive range of analytical services: water testing, soil and solids evaluation, soil and water sample receiving, quality control. Our lab services projects, small and large, for both the public and private sectors.

Scott J. Furnas


Scott Furnas is President of California Laboratory Services. He oversees the management of administrative staff, client services personnel, environmental chemistry lab employees, and technical production requirements and specialties specific to high quality analytical laboratory operations. Scott has achieved and maintained client base growth through his commitment to superior client services and dedication to excellence in communications and follow through, for any client project need.

Mr. Furnas’ work history has created a strong foundation on which is built a full understanding of the needs and requirements associated with environmental chemistry client services. He has worked in all levels of laboratory operations, making him exceptionally qualified to provide both clients and staff with effective management and technical experience. Mr. Furnas began his early career understanding sample collection, storage and preservation, and EPA disposal protocols. As an Organic and Inorganic Chemist, Mr. Furnas was involved in analysis of various compounds by EPA Methods and has knowledge of associated instrumentation and computer integration. Additionally, he has extensive training in hazardous waste operations.

Scott earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Sacramento and is a veteran of the United States Navy.

Zhonqwen “James” Liang Ph.D.

Laboratory Director

As the Laboratory Director for California Laboratory Services, Dr. James Liang, oversees the quality management of analytical and support staff in regard to performance and job requirements, laboratory production, and report deadlines. He is the primary technical advisor for inquiries from state and/or Federal agencies, industrial and engineering clients, and private individuals. Dr. Liang works closely with the client services staff to meet and assist project and client needs.

Dr. Liang’s key work experience projects include: the determination of hexavalent chromium and total chromium in plasma and red cell samples; study of the reducing capacity and the kinetics of various solid and liquid media subjected to hexavalent chromium; operation and maintenance of HP GC/MS, TJA ICAP 61E, ICAP 61E Trace Analyzer, Perkin Elmer 5100Z and 5100ZL Graphite Furnace AA, Leeman PS 200 Automated Mercury Analyzer, TOC/TOX Analyzer, Dionex IC, and Waters HPLC; Method development for the determination of metals in fish tissue samples, and of ultra-trace levels of lead and nickel in drinking water by GFAA; and has conducted research projects for Lead Bioassay, Chromium analyses of human blood, plasma and urine, and Total Chromium analysis of rat tissue.

Dr. Liang’s diverse experience includes knowledge of QA/QC laboratory protocols and the review and validation of CLP, AFCEE Level I and II, USACOE data packages, and client and/or regulatory agency interactions in response to specific technical, or service inquiries. Through his extensive experience as a chemist, supervisor, and laboratory director, Dr. Liang has developed specialized capabilities in environmental chemistry, research, analysis, procedures, and operations.

Dr. Liang has published sixteen research papers, and has a history of good method development, supervised the operation and maintenance of numerous analytical instruments, and provided training for instrument operators.

Dr. Liang received his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Connecticut and a B.S. /M.S., in Chemistry from Hangzhou University in China.

Mark Smith

Operations Manager

Mark Smith has over twenty-five years of laboratory, field and supervisory experience as an environmental occupational professional. He has managed emergency response facilities and site clean-up operations. Mr. Smith developed and performed training programs in Hazardous Waste Operations, and for laboratories. He has been responsible for the direct management of Health and Safety Programs and their corresponding training. He is conversant of environmental and occupational regulations, hazardous materials handling, packaging, transportation and disposal practices and all aspects of environmental sampling (soil, water, wastewater, and hazardous waste).

Mark Smith’s extensive work history provides clients with a diverse background of environmental professionalism complete in the knowledge of project, field, and operations management.

Mr. Smith’s expertise in the coordination, development and performance of client and field services includes: Training (various OSHA 1910.120 & 1910.1450); Supervision of hazardous waste and environmental compliance programs and their developments; Policy/procedure development in hazard control, assessments and training; Waste Management (packaging, labeling, shipping, profiling and storage); Facility safety assessment and hazard evaluation; Evaluation and development of Health and Safety and Right-to-Know training programs; Instrument calibration, inspection, maintenance and repair; Emergency response programs; Development of waste characterization procedures (FTIR, wet chem., etc.), and the development of field sampling protocols (soil, water and hazardous waste).

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