Committed. Responsive. Flexible.

Committed. Responsive. Flexible.

5-Day Turnaround

Environmental and Analytical Testing Laboratory Services

Environmental and Analytical Testing Laboratory Services

Certified by the State Water Resources Control Board

Analytical and Environmental Testing Lab Ready to Serve You

California Laboratory Services is divided into distinct analytical testing departments, each of which specialize in particular areas of expertise.
These departments work closely together to ensure timely receipt of your analytical results for:

Drinking and Well Water Testing

Soils Analysis and Solids Testing

Wastewater Analysis and Testing

Groundwater Analysis and Testing

Stormwater Analysis and Testing

Hazardous Waste Testing

Environmental and Analytical Testing Laboratory Services

California Laboratory Services is certified with the State Water Resources Control Board via the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP).
We offer 132 different soil and water testing analysis services, covering:


Wet Chemistry
Metal Digestion/Analysis
Ion Chromatography

Proven Process. Accurate Results.

CLS has a formal regimen of quality control and internal checks and balances to make sure that all samples are tested and analyzed to the highest standard. From your first sample drop-off or pickup to final results, the customer-driven team at California Laboratory Services will make sure your testing is handled with expert care and analytical expertise.

The typical sample flow through each department is:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Department notification of samples received through our LIMS query as well as a sample receipt provided to them by our sample receiving team
Mobilization of our departments to batch and analyze samples
Performing initial calibrations and required quality control (QC)
Process samples
Sample results are imported into our LIMS system for review by our QC department
Results reviewed by our QC department and forwarded to our lab director for final signature
Notification to our client services team that results are ready to be sent
Results and invoice sent to client

Sample Turnaround is 5 Business Days or Less

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